R U ready 4 a Riot!


        R U Ready To Riot! The Tri-State area has a new cover band to get excited about! New York's Radio Riot have quickly pushed and shoved their way through the circuit with their "party like you just made bail" brand of party rock! The band's combined years of musical and performing experience along with an enthusiastic nucleus of devoted and talented band members have helped skyrocket Radio Riot's popularity. The band has also quickly built a reputation as the premier band for rockin' out universities throughout the Tri-State region. Through good old-fashioned "word of mouth", top-notch schools such as Dartmouth College, Williams College, Clark University and Assumption College continue to invite Radio Riot back to perform at their functions. Much of their quick success derives from the way Radio Riot prides itself on making sure the crowd has a great time by putting on their best performance every night. This professional attitude in conjunction with a mix of different styles of great sounding top 40 hits, modern and alternative rock, R&B, Hip-Hop, 80s and 90s favorites and more, has given club owners and party people in the NY area a reason to have a riot! People who have partied with Radio Riot always seem to comment on their diverse song selection, high energy show, and on what a good time the band always seems to be having.

        With a talented combo of male and female lead vocals (Marco Ribeiro and Cina Smash), the sky's the limit with their song list. James Kulp (lead guitar, vocals) John "The Frog" Faughey (guitar, keys, vocals), David DBass (bass,vocals) and Josh Shusterman (Drums, Vocals) drive this fun-fueled musical machine. Whatever it may take, RR will find a way to please everyone in the crowd. By the end of the night you'll feel like you've just been part of something special. If you haven't already, it’s about time you get out there and get silly with NY's hottest new party rock band!


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The Band

Lead Female Vocals Cina Smash Originally a Manhattan baby, this Native New Yorker grew up with music pouring through her veins! In high school she was voted Most Musical and is widely known as the tiny girl with the BIG voice. Her best memories are when one of the songs she recorded in a studio was aired live on radio station KISS FM and was voted 91% kissed on the 'Kiss it or Diss it' segment. She recently graduated from Five Towns College with a degree in Music Business and hopes to one day go to law school to become an entertainment lawyer.
Some of her accomplishments include being featured on several shows on MTV, interviewed on The Tyra Banks Show, interviewed on E! News twice (still going for that third!!), performing on NBC's 'Gimme the Mike' as well as starring in a promotional commercial for 'My so-called Life' on the Noggin channel. She currently holds the title of Hudson Valley Idol, Orange County Top 3 vocalists and has opened with Lexi Lawson for Grammy Award Nominated R&B and PoP Singer, Songwriter Ne-Yo! In October of 2008, Cina was granted the opportunity to perform as one of the lead singers of Paparazzi Band at Mistere Club, Ritz Carlton in Jakarta, Indonesia. For two months she sang 6 nights a week and lived an opportunity most can only dream about!

Lead Male Vocalist Marco Ribeiro was a member of the former Omnipop band Neptune's Neighbor and has years of stage experience, firing up crowds with his original rock band. Marco's great vocal range and various singing styles allow the band the flexibility needed to perform just about anything.  While many singers shy away from certain songs out of range, Marco will bring it for you. If it's hot, he'll do it. 

Guitars /Keyboards/ Lead Vocals John "The Frog" Faughey is a current member of the band Nation, they currently have the #2 single on the west coast. John brings over a decade of musical experience to this project. The fact that he can play all instruments, also gives the band the flexibility to play just about anything, with out much use of samplers and mp3 players so often found in many cover bands on the circuit today. "If people wanted to hear the record, they could just stay home" His strong backing vocals are a perfect match to Marco & Cina's amazing vocal range, again allowing the band to re-create all of today's top hits, as well as all the classics. His stage presence is second to none, and he loves nothing more than to rip a crowd into a frenzy

Bass & Vocals David "DBass" Solomon

I was raised in Wyandanch NY by my mother Rhonda and have been passionate about music from before I was given piano lessons at 5 yrs old.  My family is a major part of my musical foundations in gospel, soul, hip hop and classical music. My most influential artists include Stevie Wonder, Kirk Franklin, Prince, Ella Fitzgerald, Earth Wind and Fire, Michael Jackson; bass players include Abraham Laboriel, James Jammerson, Jaco Pastorious, Victor Wooten and John Patittucci. I have been involved in the performing arts since I was 6 years old at Upper Room Christian School, playing the drums, piano, percussion and dancing.  I was inspired to play the bass when I heard Mr. Dono, my teacher, playing a funky slapping and popping bass line. He gave me a few lessons and allowed me to borrow his bass so I could learn songs for the school band. One month after borrowing the bass I was in the school band, a year later I was in the youth band where I met Chrisette Michele, and  then the church band, all at Upper Room World Center. Needless to say I found my passion and was inspired to change my pursuit of engineering to music in my senior year of high shcool. I decided on Five Towns College in 2001 after being excepted to Berklee College of Music with a $16,000 scholarship.  I started playing new genres in the class ensembles, lessons, recording projects and in jamming. I joined an R&B band in 2002 and we called ourselves ‘Focus’. In that band I co-wrote, sang  and experienced playing, recording, opening for and/or being musical director for artists like Wyclef, Tank, Lil G,  Blu Cantrel, Lyfe Jennings, Chrisette Michele and Alicia Keys. During my 11 year career I have played for many underground artists and bands like Genessa, Treazure, Sound Hound, Muthawit Orchestra and Jac n Jill. Professionally I was playing for 7 years when I joined The Senate in 2007 and we’ve been creating and performing for 4 years with a great balance of character, talent, passion and creativity.

 Lead Guitar & Vocals James Kulp

 Drums & Percussion Josh Schusterman

Drums & Percussion & Vocals Benny Rivera 6-4-85 / 2-8-13 In Memory.

We will never forget

Born at Albert Einstein Hospital in the Bronx, New York on June 4th, 1985. Stemming from a Puerto Rican background Rivera was exposed to a wide array of musical genres from jazz, Latin, gospel, soul, funk, hip hop and some rock and roll.  He was self-taught from the age of six, he would sit in the front row of church and “air drum”, rocking out to his imaginary drum set his parents were notified that it was a distraction in the church, and they needed to “get that boy a drum set”.  Christmas of 95’ he was finally rewarded with a magazine clip of a drum set, when his mother says “it’s on lay away”.  After the point of receiving the drum set, Rivera could not be separated from his instrument.  Watching videos of Buddy Rich, Omar Hakim, Dennis Chambers he grew a strong passion for music.  Benny’s main influences are Jaco Pastorius, Charlie Parker, Sting, Steely Dan, Michael Jackson, Notorious B.I.G, and Hector Lavoe.  His first official gig was playing deep in the south Bronx at the Latino Pastoral Action Center Sunday services, along with playing multiple other jazz shows at the time.  He later registered for classes at Five Town College to major in Jazz/commercial music, and Music Education, where he was labeled as one of the elite musicians of the school.  Acquiring the first chair in the jazz orchestra being a sophomore, he astounded many of is peers and professors, frequently playing the many recording sessions and concerts for the school.  Rivera being a true musician enhanced his skills in other instruments such as vibraphone, timpani, piano and an overall knowledge for music theory.  Even though he was studying to be a scholar at the college Rivera is no stranger to paying his dues, he was playing with a band called The Resistants, he played with the band for a year and a half in the well-recognized downtown underground rock scene.  He has performed with a large variety of musicians at the college doing showcases with Chrissette Michelle and many others.  At the college Rivera was approached by Michael Coppola to perform for the annual hip hop show, a culmination of the best acts from the college, they teamed up with three other elite musicians and they played a memorable performance on December 5th, 2006 and decided to form the band that would become The Senate after a visit to Coppola’s recording facility, Get Open Studios.


I got skills to spare.